Products and Services

Our APIs combine structured and unstructured data in unique ways to rise to the challenge of competitive innovation and disruptive transformation.

Our leverages Account-based Marketing (ABM) and intent-based AI architectures as a catalyst for greater market segment insight and ad engagement potential, relevance to clients in marketing, media and entertainment. Lead qualification based on contextually relevant micro-segmentation.

As part of services, customized machine learning, we offer where we leverage the unmistakable opportunity to integrate Machine and Deep Learning  into your existing products, innovate new products such as Context-driven Demographic Statistics for supporting Analytics, Data Science and Data Visualization.

Contextual.Solutions provides a set of key service offerings around AI and Machine Learning:

  • Starting an AI/ML Division
  • Data Architecture for AI and ML
  • Best Practices for AI and ML
  • Center of Excellence for Data Science
  • Center of Excellence for AI and Machine Learning gives you the necessary vision, video and SeeUs(Tm) capabilities for handling context aware computer vision and robotics solutions with ContextualRobotics .

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