Products and Services

Assessments and Custom Training
We provide customized AI and Machine Learning solutions , assessments and applied research for your organization and industry.

We deep dive into a company’s current Architecture and map them to your business imperatives and aspirations of competition including environments & solutions, data architecture, and future initiatives.

We analyze existing challenges and deliver a comprehensive but targeted approach detailing where a company stands in terms of its own AI maturity , where it should be in regard to the market and competition and its customer base. We build and deploy a machine learning POC that provides immediate business value.

Applied AI Research

We bring the latest research into AI and ML down to earth in applied AI that is relevant and can be infused into your business for augmenting and enhancement of your disruptive business capabilities with the power of data science, machine learning and AI.

From executive advisory to custom research insights, DeepContext helps global leaders reduce risk and maximize the bottom-line impact of artificial intelligence capabilities.

Data & AI Strategy
Jumpstart your AI journey with lean-to-fit(tm) data strategy customized to your unique business goals, but leverage our cross-industry experience to capitalize on commmodities.
Conduct AI/ML Assessments through our award-winning AI maturity and assessment framework.
AI/ML Software Development
Infuse Machine Learning competitive advantage,  transforming your business with custom-built AI software

AI/ML Product Infusion
We will help you develop innovative AI products and infuse ML into your existing products and service offerings

Data Science & AI Consulting
Discover the story your data is trying to tell, with our data science experts and machine learning engineers

Products APIs combine structured and unstructured data in unique ways to rise to the challenge of competitive innovation and disruptive transformation. They look deep into the interactions recorded through transactions, purchases, contacts, collaborations, documents, comments, voice, as well as time series data and event-oriented data streams and combine them into a embedded data sets that leverage deep learning for identification of deeper situational awareness or more contextually relevant information than can be leveraged for business decision-making. is a combination of human-in-the-loop curation, tagging, annotation that leverages previously learned information from the API to suggest tags and annotations to human knowledge workers. This enables semi-supervised, supervised and active learning capabilities and preparation for deep learning and deep reinforcement learning tasks in the ML pipeline. leverages Account-based Marketing (ABM) and intent-based conversational architectures (IBCA) as a catalyst for greater market segment insight and ad engagement potential, relevance to clients in marketing, media and entertainment. Lead qualification based on contextually relevant micro-segmentation. provides novel deep learning embedding for documents and audio with the aim of summarization, abstraction, probabilistic inference and intention-based deep reinforcement and attention-based LSTM architectures. also provides another vision-based, video and SeeUs(Tm) component APIs for handling context aware computer vision and robotics solutions with .

As part of services, customized machine learning, we offer which combines the above API outputs into end to end cognitive solutions that can leveraged via transfer learning in your specific industry, company policy rule embedding and use-cases with minimal training.

Contextual.Solutions  leverage the unmistakable opportunity to integrate Machine and Deep Learning  into your existing products, innovate new products such as Context-driven Demographic Statistics for supporting Analytics, Data Science and Data Visualization.

Contextual.Solutions provides a set of key service offerings around AI and Machine Learning:

  • AI Infusion Strategy Into Legacy Products & Services
  • Data Science Jumpstart
  • AI/ML Division Planning, Strategy and Implementation Jumpstart
  • Hybrid Cloud Data-Pipeline Architecture for AI and ML
  • Consulting on Custom AI Solutions : end to end AI 
  • Educational Package on Best Practices for AI and ML
  • Center of Excellence for Data Science
  • Center of Excellence for AI and Machine Learning
  • Marketing & Sales AI: Increase customer retention by predicting the lifetime value of users and by automatically increasing value using hyper-personalization
    • self-service performance advertising products that drive discovery and sales
  • IOT Devices will gain situational awareness of their Environment

Future devices will sense and understand their contextual relation to other devices in proximity and in relation to a central organizing entity in the cloud, when it is on line and when it is offline, when they can rely on it and when they need to make their own decisions.  of the real world environment around them. They will do that by leveraging AI technology. To make that possible, processors have to handle the neural nets that make up AI with extreme efficiency.

  • Interact Naturally with the Devices Around You

Devices will activate effortlessly and seamlessly with your speech and gestures.  To be able to accurately interpret this contextual semantics or situational meaning, edge computing will enable neural nets to run directly on the device without draining power or overheating. Some sensor data will be too private to send on to the central organizing cloud. You can leverage chips that will allow these future devices to work for you, not against you.

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