Our API for Amalgamating (R) structured, unstructured data, time series and events. Think JSON meets Relational and need to get along for the good of the company.

Shining the spotlight of a Contextual Aperture on the targeted Account, we can rapidly expand that spotlight to cast new light on the internal interrelationships among the Account  decision makers and focus on creating a balanced solution that will satisfy all stakeholders.

This is accomplished by Amalgamating the possible data lakes, data sources, data warehouses, real time data, IoT data, Weather, Preferences, Customer Profiles, Longitudinal Transactions in Time Series, Geospatial considerations, social media feeds and relevant news and media  content that constitute the factors of context to make the contextual neural network produce a balanced, micro-optimized equation that can deliver situationally relevant sales and marketing campaigns, packages, offers to contextually relevant decision-makers and stake holders for that Account.

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