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“Ask me how can I remember tomorrow?”(TM)

Customized, Trusted, End-2-end AI and Machine Learning Services.

Jumpstart or debug your Data Science team with outcomes to meet business objectives.

We are a AI consultancy with deep expertise and API assets in applying AI and Machine Learning for your  specific business domain.

Leverage our time-tested #DeepLearningMethodology  to mine domain-specific insights, distill unstructured data, amalgamate contextually relevant content and consolidate information from multiple probabilistically related data sources of facts for active decision making.

#Summarize, #Distill and #Amalgamate structured data with streaming unstructured content for #DeepLearning insights. Gain actionable insight into the idiosyncrasies of your micro-segmented demographics through our hyper-personalization technologies.

Our Amalgamation.io APIs leverage multiple data sources of unstructured data from your domain, in unique ways to rise to the challenge of gaining competitive advantage through innovation and disruptive transformation.

Our ICurate.io leverages Account-based Marketing (ABM) and intent-based AI architectures as a catalyst for greater market segment insight and ad engagement potential, relevance to clients in marketing, media and entertainment. Lead qualification based on contextually relevant micro-segmentation.

In CognitiveSolutions.io We leverage the unmistakable opportunity to integrate Machine and Deep Learning  into Context-driven Demographic Statistics for supporting Analytics, Data Science and Data Visualization.

The amount of data being created annually is forecasted to reach a staggering 180 Zettabytes in 2025

Contextual.Solutions provides a set of key service offerings around AI and Machine Learning:

  • AI Division JumpStart
  • Data Architecture and Pipelines for AI and ML
  • Best Practices for AI and ML: Training, Tuning and Inference
  • Center of Excellence for Data Science
  • Center of Excellence for AI


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