Applied AI Research

We engage in Customized, Responsible, Ethical End-2-end AI and Machine Learning Applied Research.

Jumpstart , deepen and integrate skills, for your Data Science , Machine Learning, MLOps teams . Deliver outcomes that deliver business value.

Leverage AI and ML as an ethical competitive advantage.

Our deep context research and technologies enable such apparently paradoxical constructs beyond quantum tunneling. Therefore your AI systems will ask you:

“Ask me today: how can I remember tomorrow?”(TM)

We are an Applied AI Research consultancy with deep expertise in reinforcement learning, general adversarial networks, multi-agent systems, non-parametric Bayes and Natural Language Understanding.

Our API assets accelerate your adoption and harvesting of business value when applying Machine Learning to your  specific business domain.

Leverage our time-tested #DeepLearningMethodology  to 

  • responsibly harvest and prepare data
  • mine domain-specific insights,
  • distill unstructured/semi-structured data (text, audio, video, images, IoT streaming),
  • amalgamate contextually relevant content and
  • consolidate information from multiple probabilistically related data sources of facts
  • recommend/rank for active realtime decision making.

We conduct Applied AI Research to bring practical solutions that leverage key research and well established insights to deliver value to your organization.

To achieve this we #Summarize, #Distill and #Amalgamate static and streaming structured data to gain #DeepLearning insights in recommendations, re-ranking, classification, prediction and language generation.

We help establish a discipline for Gaining business value by implementing Proof-of-concepts to your most complex Machine Learning amd AI projects in less time than others have conceieved of it.

We show results fast. We fail fast so our gains last. Insights from patterns in data.

Embeddings and Transfer Learning, fine-tuning models that produce instant value to your enterprise and through which you gain competitive differentiation in your micro-segmented customer and business domains through benefiting from our hyper-relevance ™ technologies.

Our Amalgamation.io APIs leverage multiple data sources of unstructured data from your domain, in unique ways to rise to the challenge of gaining competitive advantage through innovation and disruptive transformation.

Our ICurate.io leverages Account-based Marketing (ABM) and intent-based AI architectures as a catalyst for greater market segment insight and ad engagement potential, relevance to clients in marketing, media and entertainment. Lead qualification based on contextually relevant micro-segmentation.

In CognitiveSolutions.io We leverage the unmistakable opportunity to integrate Machine and Deep Learning  into Context-driven Demographic Statistics for supporting Analytics, Data Science and Data Visualization.

The amount of data being created annually is forecasted to reach a staggering 180 Zettabytes in 2025

Contextual.Solutions provides a set of key service offerings around AI and Machine Learning:

  • AI Division JumpStart
  • Data Architecture and Pipelines for AI and ML
  • Best Practices for AI and ML: Training, Tuning and Inference
  • Center of Excellence for Data Science
  • Center of Excellence for AI

DeepContext is a company that provides a platform for analyzing and interpreting customer data in real-time. The company’s platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to help organizations understand the context and meaning of customer data, and to use that data to drive personalized experiences and interactions.

Some key features of DeepContext’s platform include:

  • Real-time analysis: DeepContext’s platform is designed to analyze and interpret customer data in real-time, allowing organizations to respond to customer needs and behaviors in a timely manner.
  • Contextual understanding: DeepContext’s platform uses AI and ML techniques to understand the context and meaning of customer data, and to provide insights into customer behaviors and preferences.
  • Personalization: DeepContext’s platform allows organizations to use customer data to drive personalized experiences and interactions, such as targeted marketing campaigns or personalized recommendations.
  • Integration: DeepContext’s platform can be integrated with a range of systems and tools, including CRM systems, marketing and advertising platforms, and e-commerce systems, to provide a comprehensive view of customer data.

DeepContext’s platform is designed to help organizations extract value from their customer data by providing a platform for analyzing and interpreting that data in real-time, and using it to drive personalized experiences and interactions.

DeepContext uses machine learning (ML) techniques to analyze and interpret customer data in real-time. ML algorithms are designed to learn from data and to improve their performance over time, without the need for explicit programming.

In the case of DeepContext, the company’s platform uses ML algorithms to analyze customer data and to understand the context and meaning of that data. For example, the platform might analyze customer data such as web browsing history, purchase history, and demographics to understand a customer’s interests and preferences, and to make recommendations or personalized offers based on that data.

DeepContext’s platform also uses ML algorithms to learn from customer interactions and behaviors, and to continually improve its understanding of customer needs and preferences. By using ML to analyze and interpret customer data, DeepContext’s platform is able to provide insights and recommendations that are tailored to individual customers, and to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of those recommendations over time.

The use of ML is a key component of DeepContext’s platform, and allows the company to provide a range of personalized and contextually-aware services to its customers.


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